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WOW! I spoke with the owner of this business, Sean and he came out to my home very fast and issued a competitive estimate to trim a sycamore tree in my backyard (about 65' tall) and to grind a stump in my front yard. When I gave him the green light, he immediately put me on his schedule and emailed me to let me know that he wished to drop off his trailer the night before the "tree man" was to show up. The cutting crew showed up and didn't hesitate to jump into the job. I watched from my window and was impressed with the safety measures taken, and then watching the gentlemen ascend this huge tree in my backyard. I stood back in amazement because it appeared they were defying gravity. They worked steadily until the job was completed and I was left with a beautifully trimmed sycamore that I used to joke about when telling folks that I was one wind storm away from devastation. What a relief it was to finally get this done, as I had procrastinated in getting it done.

The very next day, Sean came out with the stump grinder and got right to work. This gentleman absolutely commanded that machine and made quick work of the stump that has tarnished the look of my front yard. I was extremely pleased with the results.

In this day and age when everyone is so quick to try to make a dollar, it is refreshing to see someone who conducts their business with integrity to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Actually, my expectations were exceeded and this was welcomed because I had been dealing with a different company that wasn't nearly as proficient as Ground Up.

I believe a job well done needs to be commended and shouted from the rooftops. Since I'm too old to be on the roof, this might be my only platform to sing the praises of Sean and his crew of professionals. I recommend them for the tree services, I can certainly attest that the pricing is reasonable, the services they promise - they deliver, and that it is their strongest desire to "win you over." They did me and if I ever need a service like this again, it would be pointless to call anyone else. After you find the best, you stick with it. That's my plan anyway.

I am hopeful that this review will assist others when looking for their services. I couldn't give a higher endorsement. Ground Up will have my business for life!

Teresa J